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In the past there was a section in your web for ft fanclub members to download old instruction manual. This section was really a must for Ft fans, My suggestion is that this section be re-taken again, including all the manuals, from the very first one to the the last one of sets not being sold anymore.
I think this section would attract a great deal of visitors, specially Ft fans all over the world.

Thank you.

Manuel Hidalgo, a Spanish ft fan since 1972

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This feature exists already in the ft:db

You can download lots of Manuals (in fact, over 1000 PDF files) right now from

Just use the "Erweiterte Suche" (extendes search) and activate the "nur Artikel mit Dokumenten" (only articles with documents) checkbox. Tip: use the * wildcard to improve search results, as some article names may have dashes or blanks in their names. For example, if an article might be called "ft-400" or "ft 400", enter "ft*400" in the search box.

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